• Lets not beat about the bush....we've got heaps of experience and we were in this sport from the start,but its gone a tad 'mail order/crap service' of late.Our roots are in the 'custom bike' sector (Niner/Turner/Lynskey/Santa Cruz/Ellswoth/Yeti etc)so it a pleasure to stock what we do and occassionaly dip into a 'niche within a niche'and get behind a new product.With this in mind you cant have help but notice the gathering momentum of the 29 having looked at/tried it /got the low-down etc its a pleasure to sell NINER bikes,surely the last word on these big wheeler's!Sure, every manufacturer has dipped in and got one in the range,but these guys build nothing else.Try one and see what all the fuss is about!Frames start at 499...respectable or what?
  • Price Promise. Whenever possible, we guarantee to match prices for complete bike builds and components from other reputable independent shops-NOT Internet discounters! We have always offered FREE fitting on components bought from us giving you the security of knowing a professional job has been done and that warranty will be recognised. And this is even more relevant now with the onset of 2x10 and 3x10 gearings and super technical forks etc.Try us, you may be pleasantly reassured that independent retailers really are the way forward!...Oh, and we make a neat cuppa!