Bikes to get you goin'...

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz introduced two of the country’s best loved full-susser’s way back when with the original Superlight and Heckler, now possibly the most affordable full sussers of pedigre out there!The range is brought bang up to date with new models,the Nickle and Butcher to suit the times and trails we thrive on. Add to that the relatively newer Blur and you’ve got some of best XC/epic all-day bikes the sport has to offer.Could the new BLUR LT be the ideal go anywhere/do anything bike for you?
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There’s not much Dave Turner doesn’t know about building bikes and one of the world’s best and most sought after framesets, the Spot, is pretty close to perfection. Turner have just uped the stakes a notch as they enlisted the knowledge and skills of bicycle suspension design guru Dave Weagle. Both Turner and Weagle have slaved over the new DW-Link suspension range of frames If ever you wanted just one bike to do it all ,then the Spot is a serious contender!
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Merida Bikes

Want the best value bike on the market? Then its simply got to be MERIDA. Check out their MATTS TFS TRAIL Hardtails starting at £299 and be impressed-they ride well and are offer real bang for your buck.Their full-susser's are superb.....come and try one


A legend!A it what you will but Yeti have been building top-notch bikes since the sport started.For 2010 its more of the same.The 'classic' ARC Hardtail frame and their awesome full susser's are killer trail bikesTry one!